Choose good your words...

Someday they will be back to destroy you...
Track Title: Give Me Love (use headphones)

Artist: Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran

Give Me Love - Demi Lovato (left ear) and Ed Sheeran (right ear)
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Coachella 2013 vs. Coachella 2014

Tobias told me to figure out what this simulation means. He was right; it isn’t about the birds. It’s about control. Wings flap next to my ear, and the crow’s talon s dig into my shoulder. This time, I do not hit the bird as hard as I can. I crouch, listening to the thunder of wings behind me, and run my hand through the grass, just above the ground. What combats powerlessness? Power.


Matt Bomer and Marsha Thomason being total dorks on set.

Meet The Avengers!